Graduation Gauntlet by | May 31, 2013 | ADHD, college, college graduation, commencement speakers, family, Kirsten Gillibrand, parenting, politicians, Shirley Chisolm, twins

      What could be more special than watching your child’s college graduation?  Answer:  Watching your child graduate from the same school where you received your diploma 35 years earlier.         Max’s May 26th graduation from “our” alma mater was the ultimate déjà...

Blog Blow Back

by | May 24, 2013 | ADHD, blogging, college graduation, comedy, family, humor, hypochondria, internet privacy issues, Mother's Day, parent blogs, parenting, technology issues, Virginia Woolf, women writers

     Counting down the days to Max’s graduation,  our phone conversations  cover a lot of territory:  slogging through the last college paper,  enjoying senior week festivities, saying goodbye to friends and my son’s erratic job search.   On our last phone call, Max...

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