The Perpetual Child

buy genuine isotretinoin by | Jun 28, 2013 | ADHD, aging, autism, developmental delays, dogs, empathy, family issues, growing up, hypochondria, maturity, Norwich Terriers, parenting, teaching responsibility

     While I may lament (along with legions of other parents), that my “adult” children are growing up so slowly it’s like watching paint dry, at least there’s hope they will one day be independent.  Not so with our dog, Sparky, who remains a perpetual child even at...

Full House Father’s Day by | Jun 21, 2013 | behavioral therapy, college, colllege graduation. learning disabilities, dieting, Father's Day, Kon Tiki, parent blogs, parenting, tutoring. autism, twins

     This Father’s Day, our full house was more like a poker game than a TV sitcom.  In other words, my husband was dealt a pretty good hand this year (maybe not a straight flush or four of a kind, but the next best thing).  Unlike Mother’s Day, both kids are home. ...

The Mommy Vortex

isotretinoin 20 mg for sale usa by | Jun 14, 2013 | college, dieting, family, HPPA forms, learning disabilities, multiple choice tests, parenting, special needs, student consent forms, tutoring. autism, twins

     Now that both Sarah and Max are home from college, I’m getting sucked back into the mommy vortex.  Yes, I know my twins are supposed to be adults at age 22. In fact, ever since they turned 18, doctors and educators have refused to talk to me without their...

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