Poxy Lady

by | Nov 15, 2013 | allergic reactions, Barbara Walters, bedbugs, benadryl, biopsy, chicken pox, dermatologists, Jimi Hendrix, middle age, pimples, prednisone, Robert Redford, shingles, valocyclovir, viruses, Xanax

     I’m trying not to scratch my head—which is very itchy—wondering how it’s possible for a woman over 50, with the slowly disintegrating knees of middle age, to contract chicken pox, a childhood disease.   The good news is that my knees are resting, and I don’t need...

When Knees Displease

     If you are a still-youngish baby boomer like me (or if you think of yourself that way), it comes as a shock when body parts start to wear out.  In my case, it’s my knees.  (My left hip clicks occasionally, but I don’t want to think about that just yet).  How dare...

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