For Sparky With Love by | Jan 31, 2014 | canine lymphoma, chemotherapy, Norwich Terriers, oncologists, steroids, veterinarians, x rays

     If you read last week’s blog, you know our family only had a few days to decide whether, and how, to treat Sparky, our 11 year old Norwich Terrier who’d suddenly been diagnosed with advanced lymphoma.  After a frenzy of research and deliberation, Henry and I...

Sick as a Dog

by | Jan 23, 2014 | ADHD, autism, cancer, canine lymphoma, chemotherapy, dogs, drug side effects, heart defects, lymph nodes, Norwich Terriers, oncologists, remission, steroids, veterinarians

     Only three weeks ago our 11 year old terrier, Sparky, had a full health exam, check- up and blood work.  Shockingly, our pooch—who, in the past, had unrelentingly devoured food and non-edibles like face cream and Kleenex—had not eaten  his dinner or breakfast....

Fret Blue

     Even in the best of weather, flying can give you the blues. Nowadays, you have to arrive at the airport two hours early, stand on line to check your luggage, and wait again to go through security. At the security station, you must remove your shoes, watches, and...

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