Cyber Disgrace?

Musanze by | Feb 28, 2014 | ADHD, autistic spectrum, baby boomers, Blackberry, computer literacy, computers, cyberspace, etiquette, Facebook, hashtag, homework, iphones, Snapchat, social media, technology issues, texting, Twitter

      If you weren’t born yesterday—or during the past 25 years— maybe, like me, you’re not totally up to speed on technology and social media. Of course there’s a range of incompetence, bottoming out at downright (and deliberate) ignorance.  On one extreme, there’s...

Now What?

by | Feb 21, 2014 | actors with disabilities, assistant teachers, autism, autistic spectrum, colleges, employment for disabled adults, Landmark College, learning disabilities, OASIS, Pace University, special needs

 I should be simply thrilled that my “special needs” daughter, Sarah, is graduating with a BA from Pace University in May. (Knock on wood.). But “simple” is not in my vocabulary, at least not when it comes to Sarah.  Diagnosed on the autistic spectrum with a variety...

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