Nest Getaway

where do you buy isotretinoin by | Aug 27, 2014 | air travel, autism, empty nest, family vacations, Gurney's Inn, Israel, Labor Day, massage, Montauk, national anthem, Pace University, romantic getaways, traffic, Vassar

    Could my husband Henry, our family tour guide and travel agent, plan one more exotic summer vacation for our WHOLE nuclear family? Not this year.  (See “Ottoman Odyssey,” 9/6/13 for last August’s adventure).           For one thing, it was impossible to predict...

Nest Negotiations

buy prednisone 20mg by | Aug 15, 2014 | ADHD, autism, Brad Sachs, Emptying The Nest, family life, forgiving, grieving, Henry Kissinger, interdependence, marriage, parenting, psychopharmacology, stress, twins, young adults

     This week I decided to post my very first book review on The Never-Empty Nest.  What could be more a propos than reviewing Brad Sachs’ Emptying the Nest, about “launching your young adult toward success and self-reliance?”  With my young adult twins half in and...

Shades of Autism

by | Aug 8, 2014 | "Keep the Change, ABA, allergists, Ari Ne'eman, autism, behavioral therapy, Dr. Greenspan, Dr. Wachs, floor time, Landmark College, neurodiversity, NY Times Magazine, Pace University, Temple Grandin, twins

     When I saw the cover story, “After Autism,” in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, I must confess to feeling both vindicated AND envious.  From the moment my daughter, Sarah was given the dreaded A-word diagnosis at 12 months old, I always believed in the...

Social Insecurity Revisited

     Social Security is supposed to be a catch-all financial safety net for retirees and Americans unable to work because of physical or mental disabilities, right? Talk about a misnomer! The truth is there is NOTHING “social” about the service (or lack thereof)....

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