Film crew in the living room

     After several serious blogs about worldwide events, I decided it was time for a light-hearted look inside my small family’s Never Empty Nest.  Coming in for a close up on our 2ndAvenue, ninth floor nest, last week you would have seen a film crew, with all the requisite equipment, filling our home to the brim.  Keep the Change, (co-starring my daughter, Sarah) filmed in our apartment for 12 hours, after transforming the décor to look like “a funky grandmother’s house.” (!?!)  In addition to cast and crew—upwards of 25 people—our nest welcomed not only film equipment, but also lighting, bubble wrap, and enough cardboard and faux Tiffany lamps to fill an entire “storage” room.  

BEFORE: Max’s bedroom
Beverage disposal in our son’s bedroom

     Storage room? Once upon a time (about a year ago) the “storage space” was my son’s bedroom.  Then, shortly, after Max moved out, we transformed his bedroom from a chaotic college kid’s mess into a cozy, peaceful (adult) den. But when the film crew for Keep The Change arrived and started moving Sarah’s bike, stuffed animals, paintings and excess furniture into Max’s room (along with all the above-mentioned items), I couldn’t help but wonder: Was my son’s room cursed? Pre-destined to return to chaos despite all my efforts to the contrary?

Sarah’s bedroom being prepped
Pikachu, Muffy and a koala bear  hang out on a lounge chair in the den
     It was 10:30 AM when I flew out of the nest to make way for Sarah’s movie.  (Fortunately, the film crew did not need MY bedroom, which
allowed Henry to come home from work and relax before dinner.)  According to the location manager, the only areas to be filmed were our entry foyer, living room and Sarah’s bedroom.  When Henry returned home, he chatted with the producer and enjoyed a glimpse of our smiling daughter, Sarah, basking in the glory of stardom, being fussed over by hair and make-up people— literally the center of attention, bathed in spotlights and cameras.  I, on the other hand, made it my business to stay clear of the nest for the full 12 hours.  In preparation for my self-imposed exile, I posted my blog a day early and enjoyed being outdoors on a picture-perfect Friday.

Den restored

    Now the film crew has departed, a sudden absence of activity after so much hustle bustle, and our nest has been temporarily transformed back to its semi-empty state.

     However, next week our son will be staying with us in the new den/guest room (that used to be his).  Will he pack up more of his books and clothing to take to California, or will he leave everything behind?  Henry and I are going away for Labor Day weekend, allowing Max to live alone in the family nest for most of his visit.  I wonder what his room will look like when we return.  Will the new den resemble a college dorm room?  Stay tuned.

Is this next?

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