If I had to pick one word to describe the Republican Party today, I’d choose “no!” And, yes, the exclamation point IS necessary.  Perhaps it sounds insulting to compare Republican politicians to a bunch of “terrible” two year olds who prefer to say “no!” if they don’t get their way. We’ve all witnessed toddlers (including our own) who collapse in the street, throwing tantrums when Mommy or Daddy won’t grant their wishes http://hotelmadhuban.com/madhuban-highlands-mussoorie/mussoorie_amenities du jour. Those toddler tantrums might be frustrating and stressful (or hilarious), but at least parents know their kids will eventually outgrow their noisy

meltdowns,which are developmentally appropriate at ages 2-3. Far worse than any generation of terrible twos is our current crop of Republicans in Congress–unfortunately the majority–who continuously lie down on the Floor, symbolically hurling hyperbole just as toddlers frantically flail their limbs. ” No, no, no!” They refuse to negotiate or sign any legislation that includes terms they don’t like. Sound harsh, or only familiar? Are some US politicians in a state of arrested development?

    Even life-long Republicans—especially the Tea Party—would have to acknowledge their profound negativity on these major questions:  Support Planned Parenthood and uphold Roe vs. Wade? Same sex marriage? More restrictive gun control laws?  Higher taxes for the super wealthy? Universal health care? Saving social security? Climate control?  To all of these questions the Republican answer is a resounding “No!”  The GOP would prefer to shut down the federal government rather than compromise.

     No wonder the media has focused on Donald Trump who—despite his bluster and buffoonery—is at least entertaining when he’s not being completely offensive. The fact that he’s leading in the polls doesn’t mean voters will elect him president, as many people fear.  http://www-comic.com/?post_type=comic New York Magazine ran an article (“Donald Trump is Saving Our Democracy,” 9/20/15) saying that Trump’s candidacy was a healthy antidote to politics as usual, and I tend to agree.  Expelling all illegal aliens, building a fancy wall to keep the rest out, and suggesting that John McCain isn’t a war hero because he was caught are all absurd ideas to most people.  However crazy Trump might sound, he has stolen the limelight from the “No!” party, which may force the rest of the Republicans to re-examine their party’s platform and come out with new and constructive ideas—an event as rare these days as a solar eclipse.  It is also refreshing that Trump (like Bloomberg) is wealthy enough to fund his own campaign, and thus is not beholden to any special interest groups. Trump is free to express histruth and behave in whatever manner hebelieves is right (however misguided).  He is free to speak vicariously for voters of both parties who feel muzzled and trapped by financial considerations.

     The fact that John Boehner quit as Speaker of the House and no one wants the job speaks volumes.   Before the “No!” party became entrenched, the job of Speaker was considered an honorable and coveted position.  Now that many hard line conservatives refuse to negotiate, the Speaker is doomed to failure. If the Speaker tries to suggest Republicans compromise in order to pass a necessary bill, he is viewed as weak (at best) or a turncoat (at worst).  If the Speaker refuses to negotiate and the bill dies, the press and voters of both parties will denounce him as stubborn and ineffectual. Any representative with presidential aspirations does not want what has become a thankless job. Witness Paul Ryan quietly kicking and screaming in protest of Republicans begging him to become Speaker.  These days, the Speaker’s job is a losing proposition regardless of what the Speaker actually does. Above all else, politicians hate to lose.  Instead of risking reelection, they would rather do nothing, say “no,” and let their fellow Americans suffer the consequences

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