As a mother of a child on the spectrum, I spent years learning how to interpret Samantha’s inner world. I was fortunate–she is high functioning and learned to communicate her stormy inner world with me, her therapists and teachers in ways we could understand. That’s not to say we didn’t go through our share of difficulties–we did! Even as a young adult, Samantha continues to have frustrations in expressing her feelings, especially with people who don’t know her well.

Communication is challenging for many people, and if you’re someone living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, self expression can be even more difficult. No matter what relationship you share with someone on the spectrum–parent, sibling, friend, lover or colleague–the best approach is to listen patiently in order to understand what facts and emotions are trying to be communicated.

In this TED Talk, Alix Generous uses humor to share firsthand her experience with Asperger’s and her own journey learning to connect with others. She makes an important point that many brilliant people are overlooked, ignored, misunderstood because of their difficulty with communication.

Watch the TED Talk below.


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