1. Turn the reins of my daughter’s life over to her and micromanage less.
  2. My life is another year shorter, so I need to pick my battles.
  3. Spend more time with people I love AND enjoy; avoid the others.
  4. Stop trying to persuade people to listen to my point of view when they are incapable of understanding it.
  5. Continue to pursue my dreams while helping my daughter pursue hers.
  6. Advocate passionately and honestly for young adults with autism whenever and wherever possible.
  7. Help my daughter with autism earn a living as an actress and autism spokesperson.
  8. Celebrate EVERY victory, no matter how small. When there’s a big victory—like the opening of Samantha’s movie, Keep the Change—savor every moment.
  9. Go on an exotic couple’s vacation. My husband and I should celebrate our 30 years of marriage. If not now, when?
  10. Instead of acting or reacting, choose to do nothing—difficult but often the most effective course of action.
  11. Continue to be passionate and honest even if people disagree or misunderstand me.
  12. Find more fun activities to let go of negative energy (other than dance and yoga).
  13. Laugh more.
  14. Eat, drink and be merry whenever possible. Don’t wait for holidays


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