Some of my birthday wishes are small and inexpensive.  Others not so much. My birthday desires run from the sublime to the ridiculous. But what’s the harm of putting my list out into cyberspace?  Maybe I have a secret admirer (or several?) somewhere in the world who are uniquely able to provide some of my heart’s desires.

One of my long-time wishes has already came true in a small way.  Recently, Samantha was hired (and paid!) to train as an assistant teaching artist working with special education students in a public school. Would it be too much to ask that she work more hours than one day a week and have the potential to earn more than minimum wage?

Here’s my birthday wish list, from the mundane to pie-in-the-sky:

  1. Celebrating with my family is at the top of my wish list. Sadly, that wish will only come three quarters true. Matt was supposed to come home for my birthday. Unfortunately, he caught the flu at the last minute (but at least it’s NOT the coronavirus).  Thankfully, I’ll have my sweet Samantha to cheer me up at dinner.
  2. A safe, affordable one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan for my daughter. (I know I can stand on a long, long line with other parents). I guess we have to be on a waiting list and win one of those building lotteries.
  3. Speaking of lotteries, I’d be thrilled to win one of the smaller seven figure ones. I’m not greedy. Just let me win enough so my autistic daughter has a trust fund and my husband can afford to safely retire in New York.  Well, maybe that’s slightly greedy….
  4. For the coronavirus to just disappear quickly and life to go back to some semblance of normal.
  5. No more frenzy to buy hand sanitizers and masks which are currently non-existent or obscenely overpriced on-line. But in the meantime, please feel free to send four small Purells to me and my family.
  6. I want to go back to dealing with normal, everyday problems and for our family to be able to travel abroad together this summer.
  7. How about a new president who is sane and kind, someone who will surround himself with intelligent and qualified advisors and actually LISTEN to a variety of viewpoints and compromise once in a while? I hope this isn’t too much to ask.
  8. I’d also LOVE to see a female vice president (but not another Sarah Palin). Time for some female leaders—especially with a septuagenarian male going to the White House in 2020. There are plenty of qualified women who could govern better than many of the men in DC. The patriarchy has had its chance. Let’s see what a woman can accomplish.
  9. A nice, affordable apartment for me and my husband to buy. We never managed that part of the American dream because we invested in saving our daughter instead.
  10. A dedicated life skills coach for Samantha so this momager can retire.
  11. A wonderful young man for our daughter so she’s not alone after we’re gone.
  12. For Samantha to land a part in another movie or television show.  Hey, Hollywood, how about some more auditions for talented performers with disabilities?  And while we’re at it, let’s have some scripts with opportunities for people OVER 25.  I don’t know about you, but I’d enjoy seeing movies and TV shows about people of ALL ages—especially those with disabilities. How about age AND beauty?



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