An Autism Family’s Complicated Vacation

Our family vacations have never been simple, but this year we had new complications. To begin with, we had only recently moved, our new apartment was still unfinished when we arrived, and it continues to be a work in progress. Next, our son Matt had a pre-vacation...

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A Prodigal Son Comes Home

  After Covid restrictions and surgery on both hips, Samantha’s twin brother Matt returned from Los Angeles to go on our family vacation. We haven’t seen our son—except on FaceTime—for 19 months, so we were excited. Would Matt look the same as the last time we saw...

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A New Nest for an Autism Family

We only moved one block from East 73rd to East 74th Street so it should have been relatively simple, right? My adult autistic daughter Samantha took it “easy-peasy.”  She didn’t seem the least bit curious about her new home or bothered that her room would be smaller....

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Waiting to Turn 65 During the Pandemic

For many years I’ve been in no hurry for my birthday. Most adults past a certain age—myself included—would prefer to slow down the clock or start counting backwards.  Not this year. Ever since the vaccine became available to people over 65, I’ve yearned for my March...

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Moving an Autism Family’s Nest During Covid

After 30 years of raising our twins in a rental apartment in Manhattan, we are finally going to become coop owners! Better late than never, right?  I’ve been looking for many years, but we could never afford an apartment that suited us.  Once our son moved to Los...

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When Twins Turn 30 On Opposite Coasts During Covid

For many months during the pandemic, nothing inspired me to sit still long enough to write. I was anxious and emotionally exhausted from the persistent virus, the surreal election AND our family’s search for a new nest.  I also suffered from sadness because our family...

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What Happens When One Twin Has Autism

As some of you may have noticed, I have not been writing blogs lately.  Instead of blogging, I've been busy trying to find a new nest.-- a VERY relevant topic these days thanks to the pandemic. More news on that soon.  Meantime, I'm reprinting my recent article on...

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Covid 19 Summer Vacation – Maine instead of Spain

This year, our family had expected to travel to Madrid, Sevilla, the Algarve and Lisbon.  That  vacation had been meticulously planned by my husband, (who should be a travel agent in his next life).  But the best laid plans, well, you know…  The coronavirus not only...

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An Autism Mom’s Vacation Rules During Covid19

Believe it or not, my daughter Samantha asked me to make a list of vacation rules.  Why didn’t I think of this 20 years ago? Probably I was too busy running around with my almost 10-year-old twins. Or maybe I never imagined Samantha would (or could!) follow even the...

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