Autism Votes

Next week every voting age adult has the opportunity to vote, and NOW is the moment for those with disabilities such as autism to show up and be heard. I hope Autism Speaks and other autism organizations will encourage everyone on the spectrum and their families to...

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Moving My Never Empty Nest

For nearly 28 years, my family has lived in the same three bedroom apartment on East 73rd Street.  But now that our twins are grown up, (27!) and our son lives in Los Angeles, we no longer need three bedrooms.  Although our daughter on the autism spectrum still lives...

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EPIC Players Give Another Epic Performance

Kudos to EPIC Players who gave an epic and heartwarming cabaret performance at Joe’s Pub this week. Singing to a sold-out crowd, EPIC performers chose songs that were personally meaningful to them, about their relationships,  challenges in love, and everyday life. ...

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Dysfunctional Millennial Relationships and Neurodiversity

Recently I ate lunch and caught up with an old friend who is the mother of two neurotypical adult children. We traded stories about the dysfunctional romantic relationships of our kids.  She told me about her son’s broken engagement, involving a series of twists and...

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No Escaping Politics Even at a Health Club

Occasionally at my health club, people on bikes or elliptical machines skirmish over switching TV stations (from Fox 5 News to a soap opera or sports).  Usually once TV stations have been negotiated, everyone exercises in peace. But not lately. The Brett Kavanagh...

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A Night of Nostalgia with Paul Simon

A Night of Nostalgia with Paul Simon For me and my best friend Robin, Thursday night’s Paul Simon concert was not just any girls’ night out. It was our first and last chance to see Paul Simon on his “Farewell Tour.” Both of us remember listening to “Bridge Over...

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Dream Vacation for an Autism Mom

Hard to believe I took a 16-day vacation with my husband, while Samantha—our 27 year-old daughter with autism—not only survived, but thrived on her own at home. As far as I know, Samantha continued enjoying her life: going to rehearsals for her theater groups,...

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About Marguerite

Marguerite Elisofon is a New York City writer and the author of My Picture Perfect Family, a memoir about how her family navigated life with a child on the autistic spectrum before the internet and support groups existed. She also blogs about parenting young adults and disability related issues in The Never Empty Nest. Her writing has been featured in a variety of publications, including Time and NY Metro Parents magazine, and her family’s story has been featured by the NY Post, Fox News, The Daily Mail, and on Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Sexy Funny radio show. A Vassar graduate, Marguerite was born and raised in New York City, where she still lives with her husband, Howard, in their mostly-empty nest. She is available to speak about a wide variety of issues relating to twins, parenting, and autism.

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