Autism Family Adventures:  4 Countries in 17 days

Before our family vacation, friends gently suggested that the trip we planned might be “overly ambitious.” Translation: “You’re crazy!  It sounds exhausting.”  Autism families might even think we had cooked up a recipe for disaster. Certainly, I had my own doubts. How...

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Breast and Worst Adventure

How would you feel if you went to a doctor for a needle biopsy on your breast a week before you were leaving on vacation? What if you arrived there not knowing if those white dots that showed up on yesterday’s mammogram are calcification or cancer? And you’re forced...

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Autism: Mountains vs. Molehills

For a person on the autism spectrum, learning to prioritize among multiple options can be overwhelming.  Every single one of life’s ordinary glitches—or even choosing between two conflicting activities—can provoke agonizing anxiety. For my daughter, who enjoys catchy...

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Autism “Actorvist” Performs on New Stages

What’s an “actorvist?”  That’s the word Pace University’s “30 under 30” catalog of accomplished young alumnae  used to describe my daughter Samantha Elisofon. As an actress, singer and autism advocate, Samantha jumps (almost!) seamlessly from one stage to the next,...

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Empowering an Autism Mom – A Perfect Escape

Well, my escape wasn’t quite perfect.  Shortly before landing in Las Vegas, my traveling companion received a text saying one of our bags hadn’t made it onto the plane.  Not surprisingly, the missing luggage turned out to be mine.  My bag would arrive on a later plane...

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Encouraging Disability Inclusion – Game of Thrones

After watching eight seasons of Game of Thrones, I expected to be disappointed by the last episode on May 19th.  I couldn’t imagine a satisfying finale to the long, bloody and convoluted story of powerful families fighting to control the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and...

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After Autism Awareness Month Ends

When April is over, what happens to autism awareness for the rest of the year?  Answer: not all that much.  As an autism mom, I always learn a lot each year from my participation in myriad autism conferences and events during the month of April.  Often I’m inspired by...

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Betsy DeVos – Educational Enemy Number One

When my daughter Samantha Elisofon spoke at the United Nations for World Autism Awareness Day, she was asked to address the lack of services for adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum.  What did she think ought to be done to remedy the situation? We were given...

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Marguerite Elisofon is a New York City writer and the author of My Picture Perfect Family, a memoir about how her family navigated life with a child on the autistic spectrum before the internet and support groups existed. She also blogs about parenting young adults and disability related issues in The Never Empty Nest. Her writing has been featured in a variety of publications, including Time and NY Metro Parents magazine, and her family’s story has been featured by the NY Post, Fox News, The Daily Mail, and on Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Sexy Funny radio show. A Vassar graduate, Marguerite was born and raised in New York City, where she still lives with her husband, Howard, in their mostly-empty nest. She is available to speak about a wide variety of issues relating to twins, parenting, and autism.

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