EPIC Players Perform Epic Version of Dog Sees God

EPIC Players Inclusion Company is—as my daughter Samantha likes to say—a “mix and match” of talented actors with and without disabilities. On July 27th, EPIC debuted the first of eight performances of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead at the Kraine...

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Keep the Change Melts Hearts (again!)

The warm embrace of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival was still lingering when the time arrived to pack for the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (SFJFF). Keep the Change enjoyed the honor of opening the SFJFF on July 20th at the grand and beautiful Castro Theatre which...

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Love and Autism Win at Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic

Words fail me (almost) when I describe our family’s experience at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. My husband and I traveled with our daughter Samantha—on the autism spectrum and lead actress in Keep the Change—to see the movie’s international premiere in the Czech...

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Film Festival Frenzy

As my regular readers know, our family has been caught up in a thrilling wave of film festivals featuring Keep the Change.  Not only did KTC win Best Narrative Film and Best New Director at the Tribeca Film Festival, but my daughter Samantha was also nominated for...

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Good News for the Autism Community

Although I’m rushing off (to a wedding and then two more film festivals for Keep the Change), I couldn’t resist sharing some happy news. Finally, the New York City public school system is finding effective ways to integrate, educate and include children with autism in...

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E.P.I.C. Players — Diversity and Inclusion

Since the beginning of 2017, my daughter’s theater group, E.P.I.C. Players has been evolving.  (Even the name of the group has been a bit fluid.) What has remained solid, however, is the theater group’s mission: Empower, Produce, Include. Create. In that spirit,...

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Why You Never Shush Someone with Autism

Nobody likes being told to be quiet, especially with the finger-to-lips-word “Shhh!” Such a demand is perceived by most as annoying, intrusive and embarrassing. But try the shush command with my daughter (or many others on the spectrum who have trouble modulating...

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Parenting A Young Adult on the Autism Spectrum

As the mother of a 26-year old daughter on the autism spectrum, I often feel like a tightrope walker, performing an impossible balancing act with no safety net. When I talk to Samantha about managing the details of her life (grooming, refilling prescriptions,...

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TriBeCa Win for Love & Autism

After watching three screenings of Keep the Change at the Tribeca Film Festival, I still can’t believe my eyes. My daughter on the autistic spectrum played the female lead in a movie at a major film festival! Who would have dreamed that my baby girl—who’d once...

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