Shades of Autism

buy Ivermectin ivermectin by | Aug 8, 2014 | "Keep the Change, ABA, allergists, Ari Ne'eman, autism, behavioral therapy, Dr. Greenspan, Dr. Wachs, floor time, Landmark College, neurodiversity, NY Times Magazine, Pace University, Temple Grandin, twins

     When I saw the cover story, “After Autism,” in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, I must confess to feeling both vindicated AND envious.  From the moment my daughter, Sarah was given the dreaded A-word diagnosis at 12 months old, I always believed in the...

Full House Father’s Day

stromectol buy cheap by | Jun 21, 2013 | behavioral therapy, college, colllege graduation. learning disabilities, dieting, Father's Day, Kon Tiki, parent blogs, parenting, tutoring. autism, twins

     This Father’s Day, our full house was more like a poker game than a TV sitcom.  In other words, my husband was dealt a pretty good hand this year (maybe not a straight flush or four of a kind, but the next best thing).  Unlike Mother’s Day, both kids are home. ...

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