Crazy Christmas

prescription drug neurontin 600 mg by | Dec 26, 2014 | Black Friday, Chinese food, Christmas, Cyber Monday, Dnna Reed, Hanukah, holidays, ipads, Jewish, Jimmy Stewary, Norman Rockwell, Santa Claus, twins. birthdays, xbox

     If you’re Jewish like me and—and not very religious—your experience of Christmas is probably very different from the traditional family holiday featured in a Norman Rockwell painting.  Even if you light Hanukkah candles every night and wrap eight gifts for each...

The Next Sale

order accutane in canada by | Nov 28, 2013 | advertisements, Black Friday, catalogues, Christmas sales, Cyber Monday, cyberspace, Great Recession, holiday sales, Petco, Thanksgiving

     Have you noticed that “Christmas” sales start earlier every year?  Some people—like me—might argue that there are always sales:  Friends and Family at Saks, Macy’s  Doorbusters, and Loyalist, Double Reward Points at Bloomingdale’s.  There’s pre-Christmas and...

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