Family Matters – Blog 101 by | May 8, 2015 | Adelphi University, Asperger's Syndrome, autism, beers, blogging, cyberspace, empty nest, family issues, John Elder Robison, neurotypical, sibling relationships, special education, twins

     Okay, so now that I’m taking that first baby step toward 200 blogs, I keep hearing a silly song from my childhood: “100 bottles of beer on the wall, 100 bottles of beer, if one of those beers should happen to fall, 99 bottles of beer on the wall…”  Remember...

Feminism – The Sound and Fury by | Feb 27, 2015 | abortion, Academy Awards, cyberspace, discrimination, Emily Pao, feminism, ISIS, Jessica Valenti, Lauren Rankin, London, mothers, Patricia Arquette, sexism, Silicon Valley, The Washington Post, Turkey

      Despite harassment and on-line abuse, feminist writers will NOT go gently into the night. Last week The Washington Postran an on-line article about prominent female authors, bloggers, and speech makers who have been subjected to hateful name calling and death...

Cyber Disgrace?

by | Feb 28, 2014 | ADHD, autistic spectrum, baby boomers, Blackberry, computer literacy, computers, cyberspace, etiquette, Facebook, hashtag, homework, iphones, Snapchat, social media, technology issues, texting, Twitter

      If you weren’t born yesterday—or during the past 25 years— maybe, like me, you’re not totally up to speed on technology and social media. Of course there’s a range of incompetence, bottoming out at downright (and deliberate) ignorance.  On one extreme, there’s...

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