A Change Worth Keeping

A Change Worth Keeping

where can i buy neurontin by | Jun 19, 2015 | actors with disabilities, autism, autistic spectrum, civil rights laws, disabilites, equal opportunity, George Clooney, John Robison, love, Meryl Streep, neurodiversity, Temple Grandin, truth

             Q: What do people with autism want out of life?          A:  Love and acceptance.       What people on the spectrum want is what EVERYONE wants: a fighting chance to succeed in life.  All parents hope their kids grow up and are able to leave the family...

Perspective – Things Could Be Worse

by | May 22, 2015 | autistic spectrum, Boko Haram, disabilites, disability housing, employment, gender bias, IAC, ISIS militants, kidnapping, managed care, Never Empty Nest, Nigeria, NYC FAIR, OPWDD, rape

     In addition to reporting on the dismal state of young adults like my daughter on the autistic spectrum, trying to find jobs and lead independent lives, I’m painfully aware of how much worse things are for a variety of other empty-nest parents. Just look at the...

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