Nest Shifts by | Jun 13, 2014 | air conditioning, autism, college graduates, construction, elevators, emissions, family, landlords, love nest, Neil Simon, Norwich Terriers, Second Avenue, subways, tenants, traffic, young adults

     The way our family lives now has completely changed from ten years ago—but not necessarily for the better.  Ever since New York City started work on a subway for Second Avenue—where unfortunately our nest is located—our quality of life has gone downhill.  Even...

The Mommy Vortex

cheap online pharmacy for Misoprostol by | Jun 14, 2013 | college, dieting, family, HPPA forms, learning disabilities, multiple choice tests, parenting, special needs, student consent forms, tutoring. autism, twins

     Now that both Sarah and Max are home from college, I’m getting sucked back into the mommy vortex.  Yes, I know my twins are supposed to be adults at age 22. In fact, ever since they turned 18, doctors and educators have refused to talk to me without their...

Blog Blow Back

     Counting down the days to Max’s graduation,  our phone conversations  cover a lot of territory:  slogging through the last college paper,  enjoying senior week festivities, saying goodbye to friends and my son’s erratic job search.   On our last phone call, Max...

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