Nest Transformations

Nest Transformations by | Sep 3, 2015 | "Keep the Change, bedrooms, college dorms, dens, film crews, film equipment, grandmother's house, Never Empty Nest, stuffed animals, Tiffany

Film crew in the living room      After several serious blogs about worldwide events, I decided it was time for a light-hearted look inside my small family’s Never Empty Nest.  Coming in for a close up on our 2ndAvenue, ninth floor nest, last week you would have seen...

Overflowing Nest

Capas by | Oct 25, 2013 | apartments, Beanie Babies, bicycles, boxes, clutter, CVS, dogs, exercise bikes, film equipment, friendly fire, handbags, history, hoarding, hobbies, Salvation Army, soldier collections, sports memorabilia

                                         If you’re like us and you’ve lived in the same New York City apartment for over 20 years,  eventually you run out of space—especially if your adult children move back home during or after college.  It doesn’t matter how many...

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