Waiting for Everything

by | Apr 11, 2014 | baby boomers, cliches, Damocles, doctors' offices, heart defects, lovers, medical tests, Nepal, on-line dating, passive aggression, patience, Taoism, Tibet, traffic, waiting, waiting rooms, wu wei

     From the moment we’re born, doesn’t it seem like we spend an eternity waiting?   First, we’re crying for a diaper change or breast milk, and waiting for the good enough Mommy.  Then, gradually, we acquire language and with it the responsibility of learning...

Letting Go

http://nhsevidencetoolkit.net/shop-soy-landakindoya-health/product100828216/ by | Mar 21, 2014 | ADHD, autistic spectrum, college graduates, Dr.Stanley Greenspan, health care, heart defects, helicopter parents, special needs, twins, unemployment, young adults with disabilities

     The question of when to let go of our children—how much and how quickly— is extremely challenging. This seems especially true if you have special needs kids, and it becomes even more complicated when you have twins.  All things being equal, most people would...

Sick as a Dog

by | Jan 23, 2014 | ADHD, autism, cancer, canine lymphoma, chemotherapy, dogs, drug side effects, heart defects, lymph nodes, Norwich Terriers, oncologists, remission, steroids, veterinarians

     Only three weeks ago our 11 year old terrier, Sparky, had a full health exam, check- up and blood work.  Shockingly, our pooch—who, in the past, had unrelentingly devoured food and non-edibles like face cream and Kleenex—had not eaten  his dinner or breakfast....

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