Movie Madness and Bonding

Movie Madness and Bonding by | Oct 2, 2015 | " Asockalypse, "Being Charlie, "Keep the Change, autistic spectrum, Birch Wathen, Carrie Schoenfeld, college transitions, GRASP, Lenox, New York, Pope Francis, Putin, school uniforms, TIFF, Trump

      After writing about my twins’ experiences making movies—Sarah as leading lady in Keep the Change and Max as co-author of Being Charlie—you’d expect me to change my focus back to real life dramas, right? Not so fast, as it turns out.  Coming back to earth from...
Double Feature – Different and the Same

Double Feature – Different and the Same

order Lyrica online uk by | Sep 25, 2015 | "Being Charlie, "Keep the Change, addiction, AOL, autism, autistic spectrum, crowdfunding, double features, film festivals, movie premieres, Pace, Rachel Israel, rehab, Rob Reiner, TIFF, twins, Vassar

     If anyone had told me that my very different young adult twins would BOTH venture out of our nest into the movie business, I’d have said: “Impossible!”       Max and Sarah are NOT your garden variety fraternal twins, separated only by gender. Sarah’s early...
Red Light, Green Light & Marlee Matlin

Red Light, Green Light & Marlee Matlin

     Remember the child’s game, Red Light, Green Light?  A leader turns his back on a group of friends and calls out “green light;” then the kids run forward from a starting line until the leader says: “red light,” and everyone must stop. Anyone caught still moving is...

Birthday Bounty

     Birthdays have been coming at breakneck speed these last few years.  Time flies—not necessarily because I’m having fun—but because I realize there’s so much less time left for me in the future than the past.  (See “Fast Forward Birthdays,” 3/8/13).  Each...

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