Newsworthy Nest

buy ivermectin 3 mg by | Oct 24, 2014 | Andy Warhol, blogs, empty nest, Equinox, Fox 5 News, Huffington Post, internet, Jennifer Lahmers, mommy bloggers, PR firms, Skype, social media. Romper Room, television, trophies, Twitter

     How did one mommy blogger get plucked from the many to go on TV and talk about empty nests?  I got lucky when Fox 5 news reporter Jennifer Lahmers googled “empty nest blogs,” and voila!“The Never-Empty Nest” popped up on her screen.  In true 21st century style,...

Undiscovered Talent

by | Oct 4, 2013 | auditions, Back Stage, college graduates, comedy, digital magazines, employment, entertainment industry, film, media, open mikes, publishing, talent agencies, television, Vassar, videos, writing, YouTube

     What will happen to Max—and all the other talented college grads—who want to be in the entertainment business?  A lucky and persistent few will succeed.  Most will struggle, fail, and give up on their dreams. They’ll take whatever job they can find, or go to...

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