Is ‘Yes’ a Pipe Dream?

Is ‘Yes’ a Pipe Dream? by | Oct 23, 2015 | adolescents, Boardwalk Empire, crime, Democrats, gangsters, Governor Cuomo, Koch brothers, legalizing pot, marijuana, minorities, New York, Obama, politicians, prisons, Republicans, social programs, taxes, youth

     Is there any way on earth to end government gridlock?  Will it ever be possible for the “No!” party (See “The ‘No!’ Party,” 10/16/15) to plod forward and grapple with the yes-word instead?  Call me crazy, but I wanted to offer a couple of positive suggestions...
Movie Madness and Bonding

Movie Madness and Bonding

by | Oct 2, 2015 | " Asockalypse, "Being Charlie, "Keep the Change, autistic spectrum, Birch Wathen, Carrie Schoenfeld, college transitions, GRASP, Lenox, New York, Pope Francis, Putin, school uniforms, TIFF, Trump

      After writing about my twins’ experiences making movies—Sarah as leading lady in Keep the Change and Max as co-author of Being Charlie—you’d expect me to change my focus back to real life dramas, right? Not so fast, as it turns out.  Coming back to earth from...

Hunkering Down – Hellish Headlines

     If you’re wondering when—and if—there’s going to be ANY good news about anything in the world, you can stop now.  Yes, it’s true that February ended last week—the coldest February in New York City since 1934, and third coldest EVER.  But March is living up to its...

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