Is ‘Yes’ a Pipe Dream?

Is ‘Yes’ a Pipe Dream? by | Oct 23, 2015 | adolescents, Boardwalk Empire, crime, Democrats, gangsters, Governor Cuomo, Koch brothers, legalizing pot, marijuana, minorities, New York, Obama, politicians, prisons, Republicans, social programs, taxes, youth

     Is there any way on earth to end government gridlock?  Will it ever be possible for the “No!” party (See “The ‘No!’ Party,” 10/16/15) to plod forward and grapple with the yes-word instead?  Call me crazy, but I wanted to offer a couple of positive suggestions...
Helping the Homeless vs. Political Prattle

Helping the Homeless vs. Political Prattle

by | Aug 14, 2015 | ALUT, autism, Christians, De Blasio, Fellowship House, homelessness, Israel, Jews, Marie Antoinette, mentally ill, Michael Bloomberg, New York City, politicians, poor, rentals, Robin Hood

     Why are there so many more homeless people living in our streets? New Yorkers all over the city are asking.  No wonder Mayor De Blasio’s approval rating has plummeted. The New York Times reported that more than half of New York voters (53%) disapprove of the way...

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