Global Numbing

trigonometrically by | Jul 25, 2014 | 9/11, Afghanistan, baby boomers, Boko Haram kidnapping, Fukushima disaster, Gaza, global warming, greenhouse gases, gun lobby, Iraq, Israel, Malaysia Airlines, Newtown shooting, Putin, the 1960s, Vietnam War

     Growing up as a baby boomer, it seemed like the worst thing that ever happened was the Vietnam War.  My friends and I worried about all the young men (some of them boyfriends) who might be drafted and die in a war many people believed we shouldn’t even be...

HIPAA Flaws and Follies

by | Jul 18, 2014 | ADHD, Alzheimer's, autism, bipolar, doctors' offices, elder abuse, elderly, Eliott Rodger, health forms, HIPAA, lawmakers, mental illness, privacy laws., schizophrenia, STDs, unwanted pregnancies, young adults

      Who dreamed up a law that prevents parents from access to medical information about their over 18 year-old kids—unless these famously still-adolescent offspring have signed a HIPAA waiver?  I’m betting that in most cases even neurotypical kids want and need...

Shrinking Down

     Why weren’t psychotherapists included in my lament about all the time and money our family has spent on doctors? (See “Doctored Up,” 6/27/13).  The answer is both simple AND astonishing.  Thanks to the mind-boggling variety of practitioners we affectionately (and...

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